Old age is a very sensitive time and it is heartbreaking to see old people being abandoned. The grim reality in India is that many elderly people are forced to live a life of humiliation, abuse and isolation. Himanshu Rath, founder-chairperson of Agewell Foundation, says


"With significant increase in the elderly population, it has been noticed by volunteers that elder abuse has become rampant and that a majority of older people have resigned to their circumstances for sake of well-being of their loved ones and their own peace of mind." 

A study conducted by the Agewell Foundation also states that older women are more prone to suffer abuse due to factors like gender discrimination, longer life span than older men, longer span of widowhood and no source of income as traditionally most of them are housewives.

The PSS team, in its mission to provide care and support to veterans, rescued a homeless 82 year old lady, Geetabai Patil, from the railway track in Virar, Palghar. PSS aspires to live in a society where old people are treated with respect and have fulfilled lives. The PSS team regularly visits Asha Kiran old age home, in Andheri West, Mumbai and provides them with not only essentials and medical care but also spends quality time with them to ease their loneliness and isolation and to give them something to look forward to.

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