India generates over 26,000 tones of plastic waste in a day. Almost half of it is left uncollected, ending up disposed on beaches and in rivers, resulting in environmental pollution. The problem of environmental pollution in India is exacerbated by India's exponentially growing population and the implied increase in population density. Countries such as Japan, England and Singapore with a similarly high population density have controlled environmental pollution through actions at the grassroots level. At PSS, we believe that urgent actions are needed to combat this alarming problem and we want to be at the forefront of this improvement.


The PSS team participated in several beach cleaning initiatives such as the ones in Versova with Afroz Shah and in Mahim with Chinu Kwatra. It is also essential to educate the public to eliminate litter and reduce waste generation to save the planet for the future generations. With this in mind, the PSS team visited schools and slum areas within Mumbai to raise awareness about the environment and what role they can play to improve the situation.

At PSS, we believe that in order to protect the environment from further damage, citizens have to be stewards of the environment, and through our activities, we want to set a precedent for that change.

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